The JolyID



We are Alyson (left) and Joanne (right) two longtime friends who decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure by creating our own interior decoration brand. 

Passionate about interior design andfrench craftsmanship, we decided to pool their know-how and creativity to create a brand unique And authentic.

Our story begins almost ago 10 years, when we met during our studies. Since then, we have remained friends and we have always shared our passion for decoration and craftsmanship. It was during a brainstorming that the idea of creating our own brand germinated in our mind. Visiting the many workshops and craft markets in the region, we were fascinated by the richness and diversity of French know-how.

JolyID was born from the association of our two first names, the Jo of Joanne and the Ly of Alyson and of course the pun ID for ideas, but also for Interior Design.

JolyID, is a brand that highlights thefrench craftsmanship and unique creations. Our goal is to provide quality products, durable and ethical, while preserving traditions and craft techniques. Each piece is handmade, with care and meticulousness, in the workshops of our partner craftsmen In France

The designs are unique and reflect the talent and creativity of the artisans we work with. The materials used are natural and respectful of the environment, which makes it an eco-responsible brand.

Voluntarily, our products are always in limited quantities, because we do not overproduce in order to supply our stocks.

But for us, JolyID is much more than just a decoration brand. It is a project that allows us to share our passion for craftsmanship and to promote French know-how. It is also a human adventure, based on the respect and the collaboration with the artisans we work with.

By creating JolyID, we realized our dream of creating a brand that reflects our vision of interior design, craftsmanship and sustainability. Our passion and our engagement are reflected in every product we offer and will offer, and we are proud to be able to share this with our customers.

Today it is alone that I continue the adventure! But rest assured, the values remain unchanged.



See you soon !