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Large white stoneware vase

Large white stoneware vase

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The vase has a generous size, making it perfect for holding large quantities of flowers, branches, or greenery. Its surface is soft and textured, thanks to the use of hand shaping techniques that add a handcrafted touch to the piece.

In French craft workshops, a large ceramic vase is a true masterpiece. Carefully crafted by hand, each piece is unique and bears the mark of the craftsman's expertise and passion.

The vase is created by hand, and is made from a variety of materials.

The vase is created from the highest quality materials, with particular attention to detail and finish. The ceramic is shaped to create an elegant and graceful form, with a smooth, shiny surface that reflects the light beautifully.

The colours and finishes of the vase are of the highest quality.

The colours and patterns are chosen for their beauty and harmony, often drawing inspiration from the nature and landscapes of France.

This large handcrafted ceramic vase is not only a functional object, but also a work of art that can be admired for its timeless beauty and exceptional quality.

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